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22nd-Jul-2010 07:21 pm - Apply!
five oh
This is where you apply for a team. I will do my best to reply to you as soon as I can, but different time zones and work make that difficult. It should never be more than a day.

They are: Team Bridge, Team Medical Bay, and Team Engineering.

Please be sure to read the FAQs before applying. You also need to list more than one team when applying.

You won't always get your first pick, and sometimes your second. It is really important that all the teams are relatively even. And while it's great to be on a team that has your favourite character/s, the team isn't important. It doesn't change how you complete a challenge, it only changes who you play with, your teammates.

Please don't join a team before applying, I'll send an invite to the team you get put on. Thanks!

Bridge: 12/15
Engineers: 15/15
Med Bay: 12/15

I need to fill those slots on Bridge & Med Bay, before I can put anyone in Engineering.
22nd-Jul-2010 07:16 pm - Contact Post
five oh
If you need to contact a mod of startrekland for any purpose, this is the post to do that.

If you:

- Have a community question
- Wish to go on Hiatus for a period of time
- Leave the community

*comments are screened*
22nd-Jul-2010 07:11 pm - Welcome!
five oh
Welcome to startrekland! A challenge community for The Original Series of Star Trek, and the 2009 movie by JJ Abrams.

As of the start of 2011, all Star Trek television/movies can be used for challenges.

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